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Woodland Grant Schemes

“Government Grants are Substantial and Wide Ranging”

The Scottish Rural Development Plan (SRDP) is a £1.6 billion programme to develop rural Scotland over the next seven years.  It brings together previously separate schemes covering farming, forestry and other rural enterprises.

>>>> Download a copy of our Woodland Creation Grant Aid Process Flowchart <<<<


Capital Grants – Planting and Maintenance
Capital grants are available at set rates for creating different types of woodland – in six different categories:

  • Productive conifer woodland;
  • Productive broadleaved woodland;
  • Native woodland;
  • Mixed woodland.

Annual Payments – Farm Woodland Premium
Annual payments are also available for 10 years for productive conifer forests and 15 years for broadleaves.

Small Scale Woodland Creation
You can also achieve grant funding for planting up to two hectares per year under a Land Managers Option, at the rate of £2,500 per hectare.

In most cases the capital payment can comfortably cover all the costs of establishing the woodland.

Please contact us for a no obligation visit and site assessment.


  • From 2001 a Forest Plan is required for applications over 30ha for which grant assistance is available
    Restructure/Restocking grants are available at various rate per hectare dependant on species choice - More details available on request
  • Sustainable management grant for restructuring felling @ £130/ha/year for 4 years following felling of a coupe.
  • From 2011 an approved Forest Plan will be required for woodlands over 30ha.

    For further information please contact McGlade Forestry


For existing woodland owners grants are available to help and improve your woodlands.
Operations include:-

  • Managing native woodlands (inc PAWS) £28/ha/year for up to 10 years.
  • Stock removal from native woodland £41/ha/year for up to 10 years.
  • Low impact silvicultural systems management £28/ha/year for up to 10 years.
  • Areas subject to high levels of access £28/ha/year for up to 10 years.
  • Reducing deer numbers £30/ha.
  • Re-spacing natural regeneration £600/ha.
  • Pre-commercial and non-commercial thinning £150/ha.
  • Small scale thinning £300/ha.
  • Other grants aided operations are available- More details available on request


e.g. removal of tree crops, blocking drains etc. – various rates.


  • Early pruning £125/ha.
  • High pruning £200/ha.
  • Pre-commercial thinning £75/ha.